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Transwarp Waterdrop

Transwarp Database Development Tool

SQL developes its IDE for desktop computers, providing professional SQL development and management functions
Product Introduction
Waterdrop is a database management tool for developers and database managers. It can conduct cross-platform management and perform as an Inceptor SQL client. Besides Inceptor, it also supports and is compatible with other databases, helping users with database management, SQL editing, SQL execution and data operations.
4 Reasons to Choose Waterdrop
Fast data exploration
The Waterdrop system can automatically collect the detailed information of database objects to generate a data catalog, which can be added, deleted, checked and changed by visual operations, helping users quickly understand, explore data and perform database object operations. It provides data retrieval and data details viewing pages, which are convenient for users to view, edit, sort, search and automatically generate SQL statements to improve the data-retrieval-friendliness .
Complete SQL development capabilities
The Waterdrop possesses complete capabilities of SQL statement editing and execution. SQL editing supports such functions as SQL template,highlighting, error reporting, code folding, code formatting, auto-completion and entity meta-information displaying, etc. And the function of SQL statement debugging, execution, and viewing execution logs can be realized by the SQL Executor.
Supporting a wide rang of databases
The Waterdrop supports SQL development and data exploration of more than ten kinds of databases such as mainstream relational databases and distributed databases.
Convenient data flow
Providing visual and lightweight data import and export tools to quickly import and export data in the process of data development.
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