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Transwarp StarViewer

Transwarp Label Management Platform

Integrated platform for label construction and development, lifecycle management and label application
Product Introduction
StarViewer, a professional user label platform, is designed to help business people build a dynamic user labeling system that is WYSIWYG, providing the ability to deeply segment and comprehensivelyportrait insight of digital users.
6 Reasons to Choose StarViewer
Multiple data source access
StarViewer Support access to a variety of JDBC data sources, map database tables to business entities, and realize data filtering by drag-and-drop or SQL.
Complete labeling system
It provides the whole life cycle management process of creating, editing, publishing, shelving and deleting labels, realizing the systematic management of labels and ensuring the clear, orderly and controllable operation status of labels.
Diversity Label Definition
It supports the logical implementation of tag definition through traditional SQL statements as well as the WYSIWYG way of label definition through visual interface, which further reduces the threshold for business personnel to create and use labels, and meets the diversified label definition needs of users.
Self-service group screening analysis
It supports fast and flexible filtering of target groups based on the online labels, real-time preview of group filtering data, analysis of common features of target groups, and verification of filtering logic deviations.
Panoramic portrait display
It supports on-demand configuration of the display content of the portrait that can accurately outline the user's characteristic preferences and fully explore the label characteristics of the target customers.
Label Analysis and Application
It supplies self-service analysis of label detail data to gain insight into business, and label detail data and label calculation rules are used to realize label sharing by downloading, pushing, etc.
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