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Transwarp SQLBook

Transwarp Database Online Development and Collaboration Tool

An Online SQL development platform for team collaboration and DevOps control during SQL development
Product Introduction
The web-based SQL development environment provides development functions such as SQL editing, intelligent hinting, compilation, debugging and visual result presentation, as well as management capabilities such as SQL auditing, version management, data source management and team collaboration, which can help developers do data exploration and development in a plug-and-play manner.
6 Reasons to Choose SQLBook
Visual SQL development and self-service table building
SQL Book provides complete SQL script development function, supporting SQL development, running, debugging and formatting in the graphical interface.It also allows visual self-service table building, which can automatically generate table building statement SQL after configuring table structure information in the interface, helping users to complete self-service table building without being familiar with SQL languages.
Low latency SQL parsing and intelligent recommendation
SQL Book supports intelligent prompt of SQL statement with millisecond response, which can intelligently prompt information such as SQL syntax, associated data table and query data field according to the user's habits and needs. It also supports high concurrent batch result query. And communication based on Websocket has lower the communication delay than Restful API.
Rule-based SQL auditing
Based on the optimization rules and specifications of Star Transwarp’s R&D team, 30+ kinds of SQL audit rules are built-in in the factory, including thesuch audit processing methods as forbidden submission and optimization tips, which can deal with a large number of SQL usage irregularities.
Plug-in design
Its plug-in driver manager supports databases such as Inceptor, ArgoDB and KunDB. And the SQL specification and audit rules are also designed plug-ins to flexibly adapt to different versions.
Collaborative Development
SQL Book supports SQL file batch import-and-export, development asset migration,as well as multi-stage development process of test, development and production clusters. It also provides SQL file version management, and realizes code version comparison and switching, helping users improve the construction of DevOps system.
SQL execution result analysis
SQL Book supports visual analysis and export of SQL execution results, providing users with the function of data exploration.
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