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Transwarp Midgard

Transwarp Big Data Service Development and Management Tool

Data service platform for API development, publishing, call management and statisticsmonitoring
Product Introduction
Transwarp Midgard is specialized in handling data service development, providing full lifecycle management of API development, publishing, management, invocation and monitoring, and supporting security control policies such as black and white lists,flow control, authenticationaccess and caller monitoring to provide customers with comprehensive data services.
6 Reasons to Choose Midgard
Build API quickly with zero code
The data service creationis implemented through page configuration, andthe API is generated by visual wizard mode, as well as the writing of complex query logic in the SQL script mode.
Unified API Management
The Midgard provides unified API publishing and management services to control the whole process ofits lifecycle,including API development,publishing, launching, calling, monitoring and deleting.
All-round security protection
The Midgard providesall-round API security protection to ensure API call security by such technologies of caller identification and authentication control, return result encryption, IP black and white lists, API routing flow control and WAF rules.
Mereotopology Monitoring
The Midgard provides real-time monitoring of the health and load of all nodes of hosts, SLB, gateways and query engines. And it automatically /manually interrupts the time-out requests with the real-time monitoring of slow requests to avoid excessive pressure on data sources.
Continuous Availability Guarantee
Bind services and resources by business grouping to achieve the SLA of services and avoid system avalanche caused by partial service overload.Support query caching, configurable cache effective and invalidation policies,effectively reducing the pressure on data sources.
High-performance distributed and pluggablegateway
Three-tier architecture of ”SLB + distributed API gateway + distributed data query engine”supports top-level load balancing and fine-grained query cache loading to achieve high throughput and low-latency. Pre-seting routing, flow control, authentication, encryption and monitoring plug-ins to support dynamic plug-in update loading of second.
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