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Transwarp Inceptor

Relational Analysis Engine

PB-level Data Storage and Processing
Product Introduction
Transwarp Inceptor is a relational analysis engine, which can store and process millions of structured data tables and PB-level data. Compared with the open source solution, Inceptor is the first product in the world to pass TPC-DS for analysis and decision-making systems. Inceptor supports complete SQL standard syntax, and compatible with Oracle, IBM DB2, TeraData dialects, and compatible with Oracle and DB2 stored procedures, which can support smooth application migration. Inceptor supports distributed transaction processing and strong data consistency. Inceptor helps users quickly develop data lakes and other structured data analysis applications.
Product Advantages
Complete SQL Support
Support complete SQL standard syntax, compatible with Oracle, IBM DB2, Teradata dialect, compatible with Oracle and DB2 stored procedures, and smooth data migration.
Excellent performance
Inceptor is the first product in the world to passTPC-DS for analysis and decision-making systems, and the query performance is 7 to 25 times that of open source solutions.
PB-level Data Storage
Support lakehouse, and the data is stored for multiple scenarios.
Break Down Data Silos
Various data sources can be access for statistical analysis, and users can develop without importing data into the same storage.
Technical Scenarios
Enterprise Data Lake
Provide a unified storage pool for all the existing and incremental data of the enterprise, breaking the silos between departments. The data lake provides the ability to convert between hot and cold layers, covering the entire data life cycle, and is a good foundation for building enterprise-level data applications.
Lake House
The lake house based on Inceptor can realize rapid data access, and provide unified metadata management to achieve rapid data analysis, retrieval and access. It provides a unified access interface to improve user experience. The data does not need to be imported and exported between different platforms, shortening the data processing chain.
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