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Transwarp Governor

Transwarp Data Governance Tool

One-stop, intelligent and full-process data governance
Product Introduction
Transwarp Governor, thedata governancetool,integratesdata governance consulting methodology, supports the data governance thematic work through multi-dimensional capabilities including data standards, data quality, data protection and data permissions to improve data management.
6 Reasons to Choose Governor
Intelligent data governance
With its intelligent technology, the Governor supports intelligent recommendation of data standards, metadata and data quality rules , which greatly reduces human resource investment in the data governance process.
Efficient data quality templates
The threshold and cost of constructing data quality rules is greatly improved by parameterized template definition based on SQL syntax.
Automated data standards inspection
The Governor automatically generates check data standard inspection rules through the built-in rules of its system. It allows data administratorsto understand the implementation of data standard specifications from a global perspective, which help them make targeted adjustments based on specific drop check reports.
High performance data quality check
The execution and scheduling of data quality rules based on distributed database can provide high-performance and stable data quality inspection.
Easy-to-use data governance object flow
The Governor provides user-friendly batch import and export of data standards, data quality templates, data quality rules and other objects in Excel format, so that users can directly edit the content in Excel before batch importing into the system.
Data security protection
The Governor provides security control of database objects, which not only supports batch control of different database permissionsfor roles, user groups and specified users, but alsoallows row-level data permission control.
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