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Transwarp Foresight

Transwarp Data Mall Management Tool

Data sharing and exchange platform to facilitate data transactions
Product Introduction
Transwarp Foresight serves as an aggregation portal for asset-based data in the enterprise, providing business personnel with the function of data assetsretrieve, download, and share. It helps data users, developers, and managers by data lineage to do overall collaboration to enhance their data operation capabilities.
4 Reasons to Choose Transwarp Foresight
Rich and scalable data sources
The Foresight supports publishing library tables from any data sources in metadata, or SQL query results in SQLBook as data sets. It supports plug-in data resourceaccess, publishing personalized data such as reports and tags as mall resources through SDK docking.
Massive data storage and configurable data update strategies
Based on Transwarp Inceptor, Foresight realizes the storage of massive data resources and flexible data query, and also enables the execution and tracking of data loading tasks for large data volumes with the help of Transporter. After the release of dataset, the update frequency of data can be configured to respond to different data update scenarios in two ways: manual or regular data synchronization.
Configurable data resource control and secure access
The security control policy of resources can be set in batches through the organization or resource directory, and the release and access rights of resources are all controlled through the online approval process.Meanwhile,the whole link of resource applications is monitored to ensure the security and controllability of data.
Easy-to-use open data services
Based on diversified search of cataloging categories, tags and organizations, Foresight can quickly locate valuable data for users from a large number of resources within milliseconds. It supports resource uses of online download, API call, subscription, push and sharing to intelligent platform , flexible response to the user in different scenarios of data use needs.
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