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Transwarp Catalog

Data Asset Catalog Software

Automated, intelligent lineage analysis, metadata management and data discovery
Product Introduction
Transwarp Catalog is a data asset catalog software that supports automatic collection, update and version management of metadata and pedigree information of mainstream data sourcesand unifies metadata management of heterogeneous multiple sources to complete the globalized data asset management process. In addition, the Catalog provides such functions as data features, similarity analysis, asset recommendation through intelligent means to improve the data application process.
6 Reasons to Choose Catalog
Automated metadata and lineage collection
The Catalog can automated collect and update metadata and data lineage information, reducing the resource consumption of manual intervention and ensuring the correctness of the collected information.
Intelligent Data Features
By calculating the data features automatically, the Catalog provides the service of data distribution, data format and the display of common data feature function calculation resultsto help users quickly master the data situation.
Supporting a wide range of databases
The Catalog supportsmore than ten types of databases including mainstream relational databases, distributed databases and NoSQL databases.
Full Link Lineage Impact Analysis
The Catalog supports not only the full-link lineage information analysis, but also the collection of all-round pedigree information by collecting ETL metadata, browsing database logs, manually importing SQL scripts in batches and monitoring database execution.
Full lifecycle data archiving and destruction
The CatalogSupport the configuration of data archiving and destruction cycles for database data, metadata and lineage data, and timely archiving and destruction of historical data.
High Performance Query
The Catalog supports second-level query of millions of relational data based on the analysis and storage of lineage and object relationship in itsTranswarp Database.
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