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Data Governance

Continuously Provide Solutions to the Key Issues Encountered in Clients Digital Transformation
Data Governance Solution
Data Governance Strategy Implementation
In the new situation, enterprises should promote digital transformation both internally and externally, identify the digital stage of the enterprise itself and at the same time combine with the "14th Five-Year Plan" to develop a data governance systematization plan that meets the needs of the enterprise itself, so as to achieve a leading digital enterprise steadily and orderlily.
Subject-oriented Data Governance Solutions
Focusing on the eight dimensions of data strategy, data governance, data architecture, data standards, data quality, data security, data application and data life cycle,Combined with Transwarp's rich consulting experience, we will discuss in-depth the key issues of data governance with you for the "The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period, and effectively promote digital transformation.
Intelligent Data Governance Tools
Developed by Transwarp, the data governance product integrates advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence with the data lifecycle governance methodology.It covers data standard management, data quality management, metadata management, master data management, data model management, data service management, data label management, data security management and other modules, effectively improving data quality and constructing high-value data assets.
Solution Highlights
Providing Data Governance Professional Services
Transwarp has established data governance systems for a number of groups and enterprises. Through in-depth research on data governance and usage issues, we have developed corresponding organisations, systems and processes, and formulated a practical implementation roadmap. We have formed a systematic knowledge base of data governance questionnaires, interviews and maturity assessments based on our practical experience.
Business Issue-oriented
Solving Data Governance Problems
Triggered by scenarios, Transwarp uses "Identification, definition, governance, use" implementation methods, practically solves data governance problems of customers.
Industry Knowledge Assets
Developed a number of industry knowledge bases, including: industries scenario pain spots and corresponding governance solutions, industries data quality rule bases, industries basic data standards and indicator data standards prototypes, such as: Financial industry data standards, Exchange data standards, Airline industry data standards, Group companies data standards including HR, Finance and goods and materials, etc.
Digital Operating Platform
Based on industry knowledge and experience, Transwarp could help enteprice accelerate implement data governance. Based on the theoretical framework and industry knowledge base of Transwarp's data governance system, we have developed Transwarp Data Studio (TDS), a intergrated data governance platform that supports data management, data development and data operation collaboratively.
Application Scenarios / Cases
  • A Large State-owned Enterprise
  • An Airline Company
  • A Futures Exchange
A Large State-owned Enterprise
Assisting a large central enterprise in digital and intelligent data construction and data management. We plan the route for the overall data governance of the enterprise, build a data lake, aggregate data across the enterprise and prioritise the quality of data used in key business scenarios. This includes four steps: business research and status analysis, maturity assessment, design of organisational structure and role responsibilities, development of management systems and processes, and planning of implementation roadmap. Enterprise data standards are compiled, data assets are inventoried for recognition and accountability, and key data applications are developed to make data a real asset and provide on-demand sharing and intelligent data services to users at all levels. Data governance becomes the new engine for unlocking the value of data.
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