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Machine Leaning

Distributed Algorithm
Visual Modeling
Programming Modeling
Model Operation and Maintenance Management
Machine learning architecture
Providing Cloud-Native Model Service
It provides massive model services with the characteristics of agility, reliability, scalability, high elasticity, fault recovery, continuous updates without business interruption, etc. to ensure users' model application. At the same time, it supports fine management of model services, which is convenient for users to publish or subscribe the model services.
Distributed Algorithm Capability Accumulation
It provides a variety of distributed machine learning operators to greatly improve the performance of the algorithms and easily handle application scenarios with high complexity, low latency, and high-volume features. At the same time, it provides diversified experimental scenario templates and one-stop interface operation, which guides users to quickly create business experiments related to business scenarios.
Various Ways to Access the Data
Relying on Transwarp's big data platform and cloud platform, it provides modules for data collection, data cleaning and data aggregation, and supports access to RDBS, HDFS, ORC, Parquet, local files and other data sources.
Supporting Visual Modeling Service
It enables users to use low code and drag-and-drop methods to quickly build machine learning models, and provides powerful modeling capabilities covering the whole process of data analytics including data access, ETL, feature engineering, model training, model application, model evaluation and model iteration, which effectively lowers the threshold of platform use.
Progressive Model Iteration Management
It provides cycle management of ETL processing, model training, model launch and other experiments and task flow, which can help users control the frequency of model iterations, and complete the regular iteration of the model. At the same time, it joins container model launching system to help users rolling release and horizontal capacity expansion more easily.
Solution Highlights
the Threshold of Modeling for Users
Sophon Base provides drag-and-drop modeling services and recommended modeling services for the whole process of data analytics. Its excellent ETL processing ability, large number of high-performance operators and one-stop interface operation greatly lower the modeling threshold, enabling ordinary data analysts and business employees in the enterprise to quickly use Machine Learning better.
the Scheduling of Modeling Tasks
Sophon Base delivers fusion computing and targeted optimization on hardware that supports various algorithms, greatly improving the computing performance and realizing flexible scheduling of enterprise modeling. At the same time, it also provides task flow scheduling service and business scenario template service, which can manage and optimize multiple experiment-triggering logic and scheduling dependencies in various business scenarios for enterprise customers.
the Capability of Operation and Maintenance Control
With its enterprise level micro-service architecture, Sophon Base supports automatic service deployment and scheduling, provides powerful service scheduling and resource management and helps users with cluster operation and maintenance and security control. In this way, Sophon Base can realize the rapid deployment, rapid expansion and seamless connection of enterprise business scenario applications, and optimize the use of enterprise hardware resources.
the Efficiency of User Collaboration
Sophon Base enables enterprises to share datasets, experiments, codes and models used and established in various business scenarios, and supports team collaboration, which greatly improves the efficiency of the whole team and eliminate a lot of repetitive work. At the same time, it forms a closed loop of enterprise business system docking, which can greatly promote enterprise intelligence and production applications.
Application Scenarios / Cases
  • Intelligent Sales Recommendation
  • Customer Churn Early Warning
  • Model Management Service
Intelligent Sales Recommendation
Using the visual model development platform based on Sophon Base, the enterprise can quickly realize the access, analysis and modeling of multi-source data through drag-and-drop methods, so as to accurately formulate marketing strategies in retail scenarios and achieve significant sales growth.
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