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Information Retrieval

SQL Automatic Optimization
High Stability
Security Control
Ultra-Large-Scale Data Cluster
Information retrieval
Full-text Search
Supports full-text search. Provides accurate and fuzzy field query. Retrieves data from different data sources in different data formats. Retrieves the file paths and pieces where keywords are located. Highlights and sorts query results by relevance.
Supports SQL Retrieval and Analysis
Supports SQL: 2003 standards, sematic search and extensions related to full-text search. Compiled with API programming, takes advantage of the optimization capacity of compiler to provide better performance and avoid compatibility issue of underlying storage. Performs complex analysis for search result based on SQL, achieving superior information exploration in comparison to simple data exploration.
Mixed Storage of Hot and Cold Data
Places hot data on SSD based on hot-and-cold separation architecture and uses high IOPS of SSD to carry out random access for massive hot data. Puts cold data on SATA to query history data, reducing hardware cost and improving performance.
Standardized Service API
Convenient for internal IT applications to access data fast, integrate different information systems. Easy to search data and get required information based on hot-and-cold storage.
Solution Highlights
Executes built-in SQL optimizer to realize query auto-tuning, improves query performance and accelerates business implementation. Uses operator pushdown and preprocessing on storage layer to improve query performance.
High Stability
Adopts off-heap memory management technology to improve service stability. Moves the index out of the heap by TDC information retrieval. Solves the stability issue caused by full GC, which is due to the backlog of persistent indexes in the heap. Makes the most of system memory to increase the storage limit of a single machine.
Adapts to Ultra Large Scale
By supporting partition tables, TDC information retrieval meets the construction requirements of ultra-large-scale data sets. Moreover, it adopts a fine memory management model to improve the stability of massive data retrieval, easily coping with PB scale data search and ensuring the availability and reliability of retrieval.
Security Control
Comprehensively protected by Guardian, provides reliable authentication mechanism to protect tenants from security breaches and attacks, implements resource management and row/column level access control, realizes security control in the cloud environment and guarantee the security of users' privacy and information.
Application Scenarios / Cases
  • Enterprise Data Search Engine
  • Log Collection and Analysis System
  • Business Analysis
Enterprise Data Search Engine
Used for building an enterprise internal search engine, which aims to realize target keywords search based on massive structured and unstructured data accroding to the specified rules and to return and highlight pieces matched target contents and final results sorted by relevance. Provides search recommendations based on the history search to build an efficient and accurate search engine.
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