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Real-time Computing

Real-time Stream Computing Solutions
Slipstream provides users with development interface through SQL, which is compatible with ANSI SQL 2003 standard, and extends the SQL semantics of stream processing, such as window, association, and application management, etc. Batch applications originally developed based on relational data tables can be easily migrated to Slipstream engine using streamSQL. Batch processing applications originally developed based on relational data tables can be easily migrated to Slipstream engine using StreamSQL. Furthermore it is convenient to develop complex real-time statistic and analysis businesses by extending syntax, which can help the enterprises build real-time data warehouse.
Streaming Procedural SQL
Streaming procedural SQL is a procedural language that is compatible with both Oracle PL/SQL and DB2 SQL PL. With Streaming Procedural SQL, users can perform logical judgment, circulation and other operations on real-time data flow to realize complex features.. Moreover the stored procedures originally developed by users on Oracle or DB2 can also be easily and efficiently migrated to the Slipstream engine.
Streaming CEP
Streaming CEP provides the capability of processing complex events in real time. Users can handle not only the single event but also the combination of multiple events through Streaming CEP, obtaining meaningful information from lots of meaningless events. CEP can be used for defining rules and is widely used in Energy, Internet of Things, Finance and other industries. Users can define a processing mode for complex events easily by using Slipstream. For example, we can define a bank card theft mode: if a card withdraws from two different cities within 10 minutes, an alert should be asserted and related measures would be taken.
Streaming Rule Engine
Rule engine is widely used in decision-making application systems. Achieves flexibility and maintainability of rules effectively by decoupling rule writing and application development. Meanwhile, it allows business personnel to focus more on business logic rather than system implementation. In the application of real-time analysis, rules are usually used in conjunction with real-time statistical indicators, playing a large role in failure prediction and fraud detection, etc.
Streaming Machine Learning
Slipstream can combine with Transwarp Sophon Platform to realize streaming machine learning. After cleaning and analyzing the real-time data by Slipstream, it shares the data with the Sophon platform through distributed storage or other services. In order to realize the machine learning on real-time data, Sophon platform uses these data to define the trained model and feeds it back to Slipstream engine in PMML or JSON format.
Solution Highlights
Scenario Support
Flexible services enable scenarios including high throughput and low latency to meet various large-scale processing needs. Processing model switching is easily handled by parameter switches.
Development, Operation and Maintenance Tools
Integrates with the visualization report tool to perform real-time stream data analysis in a visual way. Supports indicator monitoring and log management service to give an alarm based on anomalous activities for reducing maintenance cost.
Easy to Use
Provides SQL used for stream data processing and application development with a variety of build-in SQL optimization strategies, supports event time, session window and infinite window, and supports the association between real-time data and static tables. also provides visual report analysis with high degree of productization and low development requirements.
Security Control
Comprehensively protected by Guardian, provides reliable authentication mechanism to protect tenants from security breaches and attacks, implements resource management and row/column level access control, realizes security control in the cloud environment and guarantee the security of users' privacy and information.
Stable and High Availability
Creates lightweight distributed checkpoints on the distributed file system regularly, backup and restore data by using distributed file system redundancy mechanism. Offers automatic failover mechanism to ensure the system stability and business continuity at any time. Ensures data reliability and service availability Supports stream control
Application Scenarios / Cases
  • Check and Control System
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Production Equipment Security Warning
Check and Control System
Establishes an intelligent monitoring and recording system for highway vehicles, gathers traffic information at checkpoints and captures illegal behaviors to realize vehicle trajectory tracking. Meanwhile, compares the traffic information with the control information, sends advanced warning on suspicious objects and notifies road police to intercept the vehicle. Also realizes traffic flow monitoring and sniff out the sections with abnormally traffic growth. Provides technology support for cracking down on illegal and criminal activities, preventing and reducing road traffic accidents and controlling traffic flow.
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