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Products Introduction
Powered by ARM processor for the general enterprise-level market
  • Transwarp x Kunpeng 920 processor

    Transwarp Kunpeng Big Data Appliance TxData-K920
    The domestic Transwarp Kunpeng Big Data Appliance is a 2U rack server based on the domestic Kunpeng 920 processor. It provides powerful enterprise-level computing performance and scalability with multiple cores and high concurrency, and meets massive data demands. It is homogeneously deployed with zero performance loss, and the ideal solution for mobile application cloudization and processing demands that need high level of information security. It accelerates cloud computing, big data, distributed storage, ARM native applications, high performance computing and database applications, meeting the needs of enterprise users for diverse computing and green computing.
  • Transwarp x Phytium FT-2000+ Processor

    Transwarp Phytium Big Data Appliance TxData-F2000
    Transwarp Phytium Big Data Appliance TxData-F2000 is a Phytium general-purpose server with a domestic Phytium FT-2000+ processor, a China made and localized BIOS and operating system. It features multiple cores with a high throughput rates and strong single-thread capability, high integer computing performance, and high access and IO channel bandwidth for enterprise-level applications and data centers.
Product Advantages
  • High Density, High Cost-effectiveness

    TxData is easy to deploy and cost-effective because it is 2-4 times denser than ordinary servers, takes less server room space and saves energy.

  • System Optimization

    TxData optimizes system operation through interruption optimization, kernel optimization, BIOS parameter optimization and NUMA architecture optimization

  • SSD Flash Acceleration

    TxData enables users store frequently accessed table data in cache on the SSD and infrequently accessed data on disk. SSD flash acceleration exponentially boosts data processing

  • GPU Acceleration

    TxData provides customers with GPU-accelerated distributed machine learning algorithms, whose performance are at least 10+ times faster than traditional CPU computing

  • Software and Hardware Integration

    TxData and TDH’s deeply integration, with excellent performance and hardware and software integration services, yield service efficiency and quality to win the trust of the customers.

  • FPGA Acceleration

    TxData dramatically improves the performance of data compression and decompression through FPGA acceleration

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