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Transwarp is aimed to make the enterprise level big data infrastructure software around the full life cycle of data, such as data integration, storage, governance, modeling, analysis, mining and circulation.Transwarp, shaping the data world of the future.Transwarp is based in Shanghai, with regional headquarters in Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Singapore, and support centres in Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and Jinan. Transwarp also has many domestic offices in Shenzhen, Xi'an and other places, and overseas branches in Canada. After years of R&D, Transwarp establishes major product lines with many patents: Transwarp Data Hub (TDH), a one-stop big data platform; ArgoDB&KunDB, distributed relational databases and transactional database; Transwarp Data Cloud (TDC), a container-based intelligent data cloud platform; Transwarp Data Studio (TDS), big data development tools; Transwarp Sophon, intelligent analysis tools; and hyper-converged big data server TxData Appliance. At present, Transwarp's products have been applied in more than a dozen industries, with more than 1000 end users.In 2016, Transwarp was appraised by Gartner as the world's most visionary vendor in 4th quadrant in Magic Quadrant of data warehouse and data management. In 2017, Transwarp was recognized by IDC as the leader of the big data market in China. In 2018, Transwarp became the first database vendor worldwide to complete TPC-DS testing and pass official audits over the past 12 years. In 2020, Transwarp was awarded as the leader of China's data management platform again by IDC. So far, Transwarp has completed the E-round financing.

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Transwarpers' words
Master’s Degree, Tsinghua University + Carnegie Mellon University

After graduating from Tsinghua University and Carnegie Mellon University, I chose here as the starting point of my coder career. Unlike the BAT companies, Transwarp is not so well-known, but it has grounded products and great growth potential. It doesn't have thousands of employees, but it has enough great people and fresh blood to help me move forward step by step. It doesn't have a spectacular office campus, but it provides a friendly, positive and comfortable working environment. Most importantly, Transwarp has built a great

Yi Ren
Brown University + State University of New York PhD

Before I joined the family, I studied and worked abroad. I was attracted to Transwarp because it is just like the company that developed the curvature-driven spaceship in \"The Three-Body Problem\", it’s about a group of exceptional technical people making reliable products that actualize AI theories. Working at Transwarp is much anticipated, with opportunities to learn about advanced technologies, improve algorithms and refine skills in an all-round way. It is also full of challenges, where the rigor for the algorithms and the pursuit of the products will break through the boundaries of ability and imagination again and again. At the same time, Transwarp is a warm and Look forward to seeing you here!

Shao Ye
Master’s Degree, Shanghai Jiaotong University,

After graduating from the university and joining for more than five years, I have witnessed the company tripling in size. We have grown to fill up three stories of the building and back then we only had an half-empty small office. As a member of the R&D team, growth and changes have been the key words for these two years. Transwarp is a training ground, where our capabilities are constantly honed and tested. When I first joined the company, I was confused and worried. I felt hesitant and uncertain when writing my first lines of codes. I was nervous and anxious when I visited a customer on-site for the first time...... \"You have to learn from practice\". After these experiences, I have not only a deeper understanding of technology, but also knowledge and interest in more areas. The change in the company has been even more remarkable. In just two years, the company has upgraded the office, made more favorable welfare policies to attract more talents, and released better products. Transwarp provides a lot of space for employees to explore and show their talents, and as a newcomer, I am honored to have the opportunity to grow with Transwarp. I'm here waiting for you.

She Hui Yue Ge
Bachelor's degree, Nanjing University

What attracted me most about Transwarp was its strong technology vibe. The sharing and training sessions, big or small, opened a door to the world of product-making for me, who am just a rookie fresh out of school. It’s a place where diamond cut diamond and high-fives are constantly exchanged after debugging. In the past four years, the company has improved the training of new employees. But the Buddy system remains unchanged, where the rookies can always ask the help of their buddies. It helps newcomers quickly blend in with the rest of the company and learn and improve themselves quickly. After work, I basically lurk in every club's WeChat group, and the activities I participate in the most are e-sports, board games, photography, badminton and table tennis. My friend wants to test my acting skills, I’ve got run.

Lei Di
Master’s Degree, Shanghai Jiaotong University,

Different from other major companies, Transwarp is where I can delve into developing novel big data technologies in the industry while getting a platform for rapid growth. It doesn’t set unnecessary rules and regulations and I am free to learn the technologies that interest me. In my spare time I learn about different components, from the design of the computing engine to the implementation of data storage. If there is a will, there is a way. It's a comfortable working environment, where friendly colleagues are just happy to help new employees grow.

Wang Xiao Pang Miao
Master’s Degree, University of Hong Kong,

It's been more than a year since I joined Transwarp, and the open and pleasant working atmosphere has always kept me most enthusiastic about my work. It has the leading-edge technology and provides various training and sharing sessions, and I am no longer a rookie and have developed a desire to know and explore the core of 2B products. It's been a great place to discuss, to brainstorm, and to high five each other after jointly delivering a project. The company has been improving the training of new people, developing company culture, and organizing a wide range of activities, and it unswervingly encourages all employees to keep learning new things about the industry and to improve their ability and self-confidence. After work, we also value the cultivation of team spirit. Knowledge sharing sessions and team building activities help new colleagues to become a member of the family and better play their role. Hope to have you as my lovely new colleague!

Gai Gai
Master’s Degree, University of Leeds

After a few months of internship at Transwarp, I chose to stay and became a full time Transwarper. Because of the Buddy system, being a rookie never makes me feel nervous. Buddies are always there to help rookies like me to get onboard. Difficulties are just a piece of cake with the help of Transwarp buddies. The comfortable working environment, the sense Come on board Transwarp and build the data world for the future with us!

Bachelor's degree, Shanghai Jiaotong University

It's been almost a year since I came to Transwarp. It’s really nice. The container cloud is a relatively new trend, it develops by leaps and bounds and I can learn something new about it every day. You don’t have to worry about the \"involution\", because there are relatively few people in this field. When I was in university I was worried that I wouldn't have had time to work out after getting a job. But here at Transwarp, I am enjoying a rather relaxed working pace with plenty of time for my hobbies every day. The working atmosphere is very relaxed, and the people here are very nice. When you have doubts or question, you can just find a working buddy and talk through it with him. In short, my growth curve at Transwarp is nice and smooth. Woohoo, come and join us!

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