Transwarp Data Hub Community Edition (TDH-CE)

Free, Stable, Efficient, One-stop Big Data Platform


After ten years of vigorous development, big data technology represented by Hadoop and Spark has grown from a hot spot into a powerful data architecture technology that reliably servers a large number of enterprises. The development of big data technology is in a flourishing stage in which technologies such as data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence are rapidly changing the way people think and decide, motivating data-driven technological to change. With the further expansion of the big data technology stack, an increasing number of enterprise-level users are willing to select big data technology to build their IT architecture, benefiting from the bonuses brought by big data techs.

However, as the application of big data tech goes broader, problems in open source big data products have been gradually exposed. Drawbacks like high entry barrier, complex maintenance, low stability cause the confidence held by enterprises in big data technology drops. To overcome the weakness of open source products, Transwarp Technology has put considerable focus on the development and productization of underlying big data technology since 2013. After going through hundreds of practical deployment, TDH has made tremendous breakthroughs in aspects of product features, performance and stability. Transwarp big data platform is highly productized, significantly reducing the entry barrier, so that enterprises can easily launch business innovation without having to form heavy professional IT teams any longer. At present, more than 500 organizations have successfully completed their data system construction based on Transwarp Data Hub (TDH) , and achieved stable on-line operation.

To better satisfy the requirements of more enterprises, and as a feedback to technical community, Transwarp determines to shoulder the social responsibility of enterprises, and organize core functions of the commercial TDH into TDH community edition (TDH-CE) and released it for free to the public, rendering essential advantages of Transwarp big data to more developers.

TDH-CE Architecture

Technical Advantages

Highly Productized Product

- Graphical deployment, maintenance and development, lowering the technical requirements and projects expenses.

- Build database as a product, making it possible for common users to use big data technology without the help of the professional.

- Hundreds of testings by projects in production shape TDH into a stable, reliable and well-performed platform.

- Features cover data analysis, storage, query and mining, being able to complete the full process of application development.

- Provide the whole set of big data development tools, accelerating development efficiency.

- Offer convenient ways such as online upgrade, independent deployment to facilitate to obtain other products and in other versions.

- Provide professional after-sales support, and users using subscription edition can get 5x8 hours Transwarp official support.

- Be able to handle massive data that keeps constantly growing, and provide excellent error-tolerant capability.

Resources and Technology Ecosystem

TDH-CE can be installed in physical clusters, private clouds or public clouds. No matter which platform is adopted, through the application market any user can try out, purchase, or upgrade products locally.

Every Transwarp public resources including document services and knowledge communities are available to each tenant, thus helping with obtaining tools instructions and getting solutions to common problems.

Transwarp technical center provides professional support, problems solving, architecture schemes, technical training as well as consulting services and buying services.

Application Market

Application market has internally embedded in Transwarp Manager which features various big data applications including those released along with TDH Commercial Edition.

The market displays the latest product information and version, and keeps getting live updates.

It sustains one-button online upgrading, and supports upgrading to any superior editions such as subscription or commercial edition.

Rolling upgrades of HDFS and other services are achieved, and therefore cut down the cost of system operation and maintenance.

Product Functionality

Open source Hadoop

Apache Hadoop 2.7.2 is built in TDH-CE,and supports online component upgrades.

Graphical deployment, maintenance and alarming

Transwarp Manager provides graphical application deployment services which can complete a cluster deployment within twenty minutes. It offers effective management and monitoring to cluster resources. Application management, parameter configuration, service start, cluster expansion and role migration can be gracefully achieved on the platform. Users are permitted to check the performance of applications and hosts at any time, and receive alerting and notification in time.

Online upgrade

Transwarp Manager, a graphical deployment platform, has a built-in application market, which presents the latest product information. It has the capability to enable users to conveniently fulfill one-button upgrade to advanced editions.

Batch processing and off-line computing

Transwarp Inceptor, an up-to-date distributed analysis engine, provides efficient batch computing and SQL 99 + SQL 2003 OLAP expansion. It is driven by a distributed execution engine with linearly scalable computing ability and supports JDBC and ODBC so as to dock with other mainstream data processing tools. Plenty of the innovative improvements performed on Inceptor make it run significantly faster than Spark 2.1.

NoSQL/NewSQL database

NewSQL database Transwarp Hyperbase fully supports SQL 99 syntax, boosting the efficiency of business development. Hyperbase inherits high concurrency from NoSQL and provides high-speed storage. And due to the underlying communication between Hyperbase and Inceptor, users can conduct fast analysis on unstructured data in seconds.

Real-time computing

Transwarp Slipstream, a high throughput streaming processing engine, implements standard StreamSQL (SQL for streaming), enabling developers to develop applications based on SQL to lower development barriers. It supports sliding windows and high availability, and allows users launch aggregation analysis across multiple streams.

Data analysis and mining

Transwarp Discover, a distributed data mining and analysis platform, supports data mining with Spark Mllib and R, while provides Notebook as a visual analysis tool for developers.

Scheduling tools

Transwarp Workflow is a visualized workflow design and scheduling tool with graphical operating platform, workflow design module, task debugging, workflow triggering and smart scheduling strategies. It allows various types of tasks like shell, SQL, JDBC, HTTP and customized Java tasks, and therefore simplifies the complex workflow scheduling and design work in data processing system for enterprises.

Reporting tools

Transwarp Pilot is a lightweight web-based reporting tool which is flexible and easy to use. It serves for multi-dimensional and self-help analysis, has featured dozens of reporting styles, and has fantastic representation for time series data. In addition, Pilot promotes team collaboration and message sharing as well as allows importing and exporting reports.

SQL development tools

Transwarp Waterdrop is a database management tool for developers and database administrators. Serving as the Inceptor SQL client, it supports and is compatible with multiple databases in addition to Inceptor. It significantly simplifies data and metadata operations by equipping rich and various functionality and flexible ways to operate.

Combination with the public cloud

Any users owning Tencent cloud account are able to obtain TDH-CE from Tencent cloud market and succeed in installing TDH-CE with one-button deployment , without the necessity of participating in complex physical cluster construction. Clusters can be destroyed when no longer needed, saving the spending of maintaining hardware and organizing IT team.

Technical Support