Transwarp Inceptor

Transwarp Inceptor interactive analysis engine provides high-speed SQL analysis. It can help businesses to build high-speed, scalable data warehouses and/or data markets. Incorporating various kinds of reporting tools, Inceptor can perform interactive analysis, real-time reporting and visualization of data. With its full ANSI SQL support and extension to PL/SQL, Inceptor supports complex data warehousing analysis applications and easier migration from traditional database systems to Hadoop.

Transwarp Inceptor Architecture
Transwarp Inceptor Functionalities
Functionalities Description
SQL Engine A highly optimized high-speed SQL engine, which can rapidly process tables on HDDs or columnar data cached in RAM or SSD. It supports HiveQL and SQL2003 syntax and over 98% of PL/SQL syntax. It can run all of the 99 test cases in TPC BenchmarkDS (TPC-DS). It supports CRUD on tables in data warehouses hence is suitable for batch processing applications in data warehouses. In addition, it is suitable for interactive analysis scenarios in data markets.
Holodesk A heterogeneous distributed columnar store that is compatible with RAM, SSD and HDD, used to cache data for Spark accesses. Holodesk has built-in in-memory indexes, which provide higher interactive analysis performance than Spark. Combined with the low-cost heterogeneous storage scheme that combines RAM and SSD, it can achieve performance close to pure RAM storage.
Procedure It supports PL/SQL procedural language extensions, including all data types, control flow, package, cursor, exception and dynamic SQL execution. It can satisfy the need for complicated data analysis applications in data warehouses and help users to easily migrate from traditional databases to Inceptor.
CRUD Support all of CRUD syntax in SQL2003 with vast speed improvement via distributed executions. Hence Inceptor is highly suitable for applications that involve large quantities of CRUD as well as high-speed analysis.
Concurrent Transaction Control It supports commit/rollback of CRUD operations, ensuring consistency of data. It provides lock-level control, ensuring atomicity. In addition, it supports serial isolation of transactions.
Versatile Support for Tools Supports mainstream visualization and BI tools, including Tableau, IBM Cognos, SAP BusinessObjects, Oracle BI, SAS, etc. Supports ETL tools including Informatic, Pentaho/Kettle, etc.